Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings - Sam's Dental Office and Orthodontics, Fresno Dentist

Dental fillings are a common treatment for cavities. Fillings are used to prevent minor decay from rapidly spreading bacteria into the tooth’s pulp, thus avoiding a root canal.

You have a choice in the type of dental filling you want.

Tooth-colored Composites

Made of composite resin, this filling is a great choice if you want a filling that is the same shade as your teeth. Tooth-colored composites chemically bond to the tooth for added strength.

Dental Amalgam

This is a highly durable filling, often lasting a lifetime for some patients. Commonly referred to as “silver” fillings, dental amalgams are a long-used, trusted filling.

Dental Fillings Procedure

Local anesthesia is applied if necessary to numb the area so that you are comfortable throughout.

We will gladly help you decide what filling is recommended based on your needs and budget. For more information on dental fillings, please call our office at 559-228-3000.