"Dr. Akande is outstanding!"

I broke a tooth while eating. I needed to talk to a dentist right away. His staff listened to my situation and had an opening within 4 hours on the same day!

The doctor diagnosed my problem quickly. He was able to explain the what he needed to do very expertly. I am afraid of dentists and his calm understanding of the issues kept me calm.

I had issues on other teeth as well. He explained very effectively the work that needed to be done to fix those teeth and what would happen if i didnt repair them. He did it in such a way that it did not seem like he was looking to gouge me, or scare me. It was professionally well done.

Additionally, he had to perform a root canal on my broken molar. I was in no pain the next day! Good job doctor!

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"Dr. Akande was a real professional as he redid 8 crowns almost 5 years ago."

His Staff were enjoyable, clean and classy during the many visits.. He actually rejected the first set of crowns made for me as he did not like the fit. Now 5 years later, I know his talent was exceptional. I still have all my natural teeth after 7 decades and rely on only him to help me keep them. Getting a cleaning today 5 yrs later. wow Yeah, I am lucky & haven't needed many dentists in my life, but He is the best!.

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